Christmas Dinner: Pasta

Instead of the spaghetti or linguine that we usually prepare, we decided to try Barilla’s Penne Rigate. Actually, we saw a whole selection of pasta, but we asked the kids to decide which one when we went shopping. Haha…

One secret ingredient we put in was the bacon strips from the turkey! Huh? From from the turkey turkey but when the turkey’s being cooked, there was bacon on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was chopped up finely and added into the Penne.

The pasta was a little overdone. oops, no longer al dente.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner: Pasta”

  • Penne not al dente never mind. Like eating macoroni loh. Nobody talks about al dente when eating macoroni. Hahhaha…
    sorry….think I just violated some kitchen rules….sorry ah.
    There are people I know who likes Penne coz no need to use fork…
    easier to eat

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