Aji Tei Japanese Cuisine & Dessert House

Sunday afternoon. (That’s yesterday) My sister and I were walking at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. She’s hungry and was craving for some Tonpeiyaki. Wanted to eat them at those little kiosk, but realise it’s no longer there.

There’s Aji Tei just beside it, and so, why not..

The Tonpeiyaki. Slices of Pork, cabbage and egg omelette.

Black Pepper Ton Toro.

Grilled White Fish with Cream Sauce. It’s served on a hot plate, with the fish in aluminium foil container.

Macha Sundae.

We like all of it except the grilled white fish. The Sundae was refreshing. ๐Ÿ™‚

An old Japanese couple was eating green tea ice kachang thingy beside us. Looks delicious. But I wonder how they felt about the waitresses. They were shouting mase mase instead. What’s that? Isn’t it suppose to be irasha imase? I wonder if they understood what they said!

The price was less than $30, Jap Tea included.

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